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Queen Elisabeth Competition: 08 > 20.05.17

Following the success of its 2016 piano edition, the Queen Elisabeth Competition is delighted to present, for the very first time, a cello competition. By and large, this new session follows the pattern of the other two instrumental competitions. The first public round is a recital, solo or accompanied this time by piano and by a second cello in a Boccherini sonata. The semi-final includes a recital and a concerto by Boccherini or Haydn, accompanied by the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie. We are all looking forward eagerly to the new competition for the cello, an instrument that speaks directly to the heart!

Under the patronage of H.M. Queen Mathilde

Subscriptions (first round and semi-final) available online, in the ticket shop or by calling 02 641 10 20 (from 31/01).

DAY PASS available online, in the ticket shop or by calling 02 641 10 20 (from 21/02).

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