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EKHO#2 Contemporary Violins & Bows (10.05 – 20.05)

Ekho is an organisation proposing a new dynamique in the violin making world, changing fixed ideas and above all forging a link between musicians and (violin) makers. Within the framework of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, dedicated to the cello for the very first time, Ekho presents its sec ond exhibition.

Ekho#2 is an opportunity for musicians (both professional and amateur) to try instruments and bows by 60 makers from around the world.

Ekho#2 includes conferences and workshops on subjects vital to our understanding of instruments.

Ekho#2 will present four free concerts with musicians from both Belgium and abroad.

Ekho#2 will relate the fascinating history of the cello in two exhibitions: one dedicated to the history of the cello illustrated by historical instruments and the other covers the Belgian school of cello playing. 

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Flagey & Maison de quartier Malibran
With the support of Queen Elisabeth Competition, Flagey, Musiq 3, VH&co